MaxBio Scientific Inc., incorporated and headquartered at the center of Montgomery County, Maryland in early 2016. MaxBio is to make selling biotech products to China an easy thing for small biotech companies in the US through MaxBio’s highly efficient business channel.

MaxBio’s confidence of success relies on its close partnership with Zhong Ji Ke Yi Co. Ltd ( which is Chinese company headquartered in Beijing that has three subsidiaries in China. Zhong Ji Ke Yi’s market knowledge and sales intelligence in the Chinese market guarantees the success of MaxBio’s chosen products and technologies from the North America.  

In 2014, our exclusive Chinese partner Zhong Ji Ke Yi brought the true customer-centric business model to biotech research and development service market through highly educated and caring sales force, combined with their long-term relationship with some of the top research and medical institution in China. Zhong Ji Ke Yi’s genuine move have realized itself tremendous market growth, seeing sales revenue from $5 million to $30 million within three years and expecting to double in 2018.