MaxBio Scientific Inc. (MBS), incorporated in Maryland, is committed to promoting biotech products and services for small biotechnology and life science companies through our efficient business platform across the America-China border. MBS is primarily partnering with Beijing MaxBio Scientific Ltd Co. to leverage each other’s business intelligence and market resources.

Beijing MaxBio Scientific Co.Ltd (BMBS), headquartered in Beijing China, has been thrived by making everything they carried to the market a satisfaction for both inventors and customers. BMBS’ functional subsidiaries includes:

  1. Sales and marketing Zhong Ji Ke Yi (ZJKY), Beijing;
  2. International trading: Ekeso International Trade Co. Ltd. (EIT), Hongkong; 
  3. Accelerator: Tianjin MaxBio Institute (TMBI) , Tianjin;
  4. Strategic partners: MaxBio Scientific Inc., USA; Optima Technology GmbH, Germany. 

In 2017, BMBS generated $20 million revenue with less than 30 employees through scientific products sales and trade services, its customer-focused and market-driven business model have been proven to be highly efficient and earned itself over 100% annual growth for three continuous years, attracted high quality products from some very reputable brands: Pall, Analytikajena, Biotek, IKA etc. Also, as service provider for some multinationals such as GE, WATERS, BECKMAN, PE, BD, IKA, THERMO, NIKON, ACEA, BIOSCIENCES , INC, KMT ENGINEERING.

In 2018, MaxBio Scientific Inc. (MBS) works with BMBS to bring some highly innovative products to the US market through shop to fulfill our promise of “Max Bioscience for Life.”